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A rights management platform for artists.

Enter once, use forever.

Every rights group, every region of the world. Manage all data in a single location, entered once, optimized and automated for use with all relevant rights organizations, management, labels, publishers, legal and accounting departments, and any others who require it.


A work in progress, we currently have a large feature set and more on the way!


Who owns what percentage of your composition? Where are the masters kept? Have all the submissions been sent to relevant rights groups? This is where the details are kept.


Relationships with every relevant rights group are tracked including the status of registrations, form submissions, estimated income and more!


How many units did you sell at your last event? Digital streams? How many downloads? HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU OWED? Keep track of it all here.


See everyone associated with an Artist or a composition. From the first drummer you recorded with to the last friend who worked the merch table.


Jeff King. Chief Operating Officer, Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

Although there are many questions about the future of the music rights industry, one thing is for certain. Smart, powerful applications such as Rights.Kit will provide the tools required to not only survive but to thrive in the new ecosystem.

SOCAN is always on the lookout for new opportunities to collaborate with partners in bringing music creation, technology and rights management together. We have been holding promising discussions with Rights.Kit and look forward a continued and strengthened relationship.


Stuart Johnston. President, Canadian Independent Music Industry Association

This application provides a solution that supports the industry by allowing users to correctly register copyright information, track all sources of revenue (however small or large), and track and measure all of the available data related to their career. CIMA understands the need for our members to have the ability to manage data by registering titles, tracking tours, grants, expenses, synchs, sales, spins, audience reach and social media information. It can provide affordable and intuitive solutions for all of these things and more.


Jodie Ferneyhough. President, Canadian Music Publishers Association

This type of application is vital for the future. It provides both the creator and the users (industry societies, agencies and organizations) with complete and accurate information, does not allow for outside adjustments or changes, dramatically increases productivity, remains accurate over time and decreases costs for both the user and the creator. The music industry is very much in need of an application platform like this.

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